WhatsApp Top 5 Hidden Features 2018

Latest 5 SECRET HIDDEN New WhatsApp Tricks 2018

Today I will talk about some hidden tricks or hidden features of WhatsApp.
I hope you do not know that. So let’s take a look at the delay –

Latest 5 SECRET HIDDEN New WhatsApp Tricks 2018

1. We use whatsapp everybody and do not forget to see the status of whatsapp when we see somebody’s status and immediately understand that the person who saw his status. But you know that you can see anybody’s status and you can not even say that you saw his WhatsApp Status. Let’s not know how to do.
You have to go to WhatsApp settings .
Then go to WhatsApp Account setting
Then go to WhatsApp settings in the privacy settings
After going through the privacy settings, you will see that there is an option called Reed Receipts, there is a tick mark on that option, you have to take that tick mark.

Now you see the WhatsApp status of anyone who can not hear that statement and who sees his WhatsApp Status.

2. Did you know that you can delete it in the old messages in whatsapp if you do this anytime. Do not know how to do the movement.

All of you know that WhatsApp has added some new leftovers in 2018, in which if you make a message to your friend if your message does not look good then you can delete that message 7 and within 10 minutes, your friend’s phone will be in this The text will show up.
But if your massage is burned for 6 months, can you delete that message from your friend’s mobile?
The answer is yes you can. Let’s see what to do?

i.First make your mobile flight mode
ii.After that you have to stop  WhatsApp from recent app .

iii. After that you will go to the setting
iv. After that go to the date and time setting . Then there will be written text (Automatic time zone)  to your un tick  have to do .

After that you have to set your own date and time that you want to delete date message. And time will select the message that you want to delete it a few minutes after the massage time.
After that you open WhatsApp, you will see that the message comes to you. Then you can delete the message.
After deleting the message, stop whatsapp ( From recent app also ) . After that you have to make your date and time as automatic as before. Now you can turn on your mobile data.

3. If you have someone in whatsapp with whom you talk too much and you have a question in mind that the person saved my number on his own mobile?

To get an answer to this question, you can read it at the bottom line –
Today, I will say that if you do that, you can easily understand whether the statement saved your mobile number in its mobile number.
If you do not see any of its status or story at that place in your WhatsApp account, then you will know that your number is not saved on that mobile phone.

4. The next feature is at the Whatsaap Storage.

For that you have to go to Whatsapp settings and then in the storage. There will be an option on the storage usage. Clicking in that place will see how many pictures, videos, audio, with whom you have shared. If you want, you can have those places and delete them.

5. How do you keep your Whatsapp Status hidden?

If you upload a lot of stories or status to Whatsapp and you do not want everyone to see your Whatsapp Status or whatever you do –
First, let’s go to the setting of Whatsapp, after this Setting  Privacy – then you will be able to select those who wish you to be there at the My Contacts.
Then they will no longer see your status or story.


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